HydrocCel Geodesic Sensor Net (HCGSN)

EGI HCGSN 128-channel net. Photo courtesy of EGI.

Equipment Location

SLEIC Human Electrophysiology Facility

Chandlee Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
United States


A sensor net used for acquiring non-abrasion, high-impedance EEG data utilizing EGI’s patented geodesic tessellation of the head design.


For Electroencephalography (EEG) and Event Related Potentials (ERP) recordings.


  • 128-channel HCGSN high density nets.
  • Wide range of net sizes infant (38cm) through adult large (61cm).
  • Passive recording of brain waves at each electrode site.


The nets were purchased from EGI (Electrical Geodesics, Inc). EGI's HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net (HCGSN) does not require any scalp preparation or abrasion, making it a perfect choice for your research participants. The unique soft pedestal design of the HydroCel Skin Interface Chamber® creates a sealed microenvironment, hydrating the skin and creating an interface between the skin and electrode. The HydroCel Geodesic Sensor Net's complete head coverage ensures that all relevant data is captured. Guaranteeing complete head coverage requires attention to both appropriate intersensor distance and coverage of the underside of the head.