The SLEIC is dedicated to fostering cutting edge research in the social, behavioral, biological, engineering, and materials sciences where imaging methodologies play a central role. The SLEIC provides the Penn State research community with instrumentation, technological and substantive expertise, educational opportunities, and financial support for conducting magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), electrophysiology (EEG, ERP) and other (fNIRS, tES/tDCS) experiments.

SLEIC Partners

Funding Partners

Social Science Research Institute

College of Engineering

College of Health and Human Development

College of Liberal Arts

Huck Institutes of the Life Sciences

Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Office of the Vice President for Research

Collaborating Partners

Center for Language Science
The Center for Language Science has several researchers with interests in the cognitive neuroscience of language and communicative behavior, many of whom participate in research at the SLEIC.

Center for Neural Engineering (CNE)
Engineering and technology development are central to the SLEIC's core mission. SLEIC staff and researchers are engaged in active research collaborations with colleagues at the Center for Neural Engineering (CNE). SLEIC's new optical imaging facility will be housed within the CNE.

Center for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research (CNMRR)
The Center for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Research (CNMRR), our sister center, has an identical Siemens Magnetom Trio 3T magnet. These magnets were acquired to facilitate cooperative research across the two campus. Both the SLEIC and the CNMRR are also equipped with videoconferencing capability for in order to facilitate cross-campus meetings and presentations.

Child Study Center
Scientists affiliated with the Child Study Center are dedicated to promoting children's development and well-being through the dynamic integration of research, undergraduate and graduate training, and engaged community outreach. The CSC sponsors several research initiatives that relate to imaging-related topics.

Materials Research Institute (MRI)
The Penn State Materials Research Institute (MRI) aims to foster the discovery and development of new materials and to enable advances across a multitude of diverse technologies and research fields. Scientists at SLEIC work closely with those at the MRI on the development of new imaging techniques, particularly in magnetic resonance imaging.

Penn State Institute for CyberScience
Imaging research is computationally intensive. The Penn State Institute for CyberScience contributes resources that facilitate data analysis and visualization associated with research projects at the SLEIC.

Penn State Institute for the Neurosciences
Many researchers at the SLEIC are neuroscientists. The Penn State Institute of the Neurosciences serves as a focal point for neuroscience research across the University Park and Hershey campuses.

Prevention Research Center
The Prevention Research Center seeks to promote the well-being of children and youth and to reduce the prevalence of high-risk behaviors and poor outcomes in children, families and communities. The PRC sponsors research projects and colloquia that frequently highlight themes related to imaging.

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We are happy to provide tours of the center and demonstrations of its available resources. We respectfully ask that you schedule any tours of the center in advance in order to protect participant privacy and to avoid interrupting research in progress. Please contact the SLEIC Help Listserv if you would like to schedule a tour.

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