MRI Digital Projection System

Brain Logics MRI Digital Projection System.

Equipment Location

SLEIC 3T MRI Facility

Chandlee Laboratory
University Park, PA 16802
United States


MRI-compatible projection system for presentation of visual stimuli in fMRI experiments.


Visual stimulus presentation in fMRI experiments.


  • High resolution (1024x768) DLP Projector.
  • Output frame rate synchronizes to a 60Hz video input.
  • High resolution, lenticular pitch rear projection screen for high quality image reproduction (8 point text is readable).
  • Magnet compatible projector stand, mirror stand, and mirror.
  • PC with Dual head Graphics card recommended.


This projection system was purchased from Psychology Software Tools, Inc. The BrainLogics MRI Digital Projection System uses Digital Light Processing® (DLP) technology that provides microsecond pixel rise times, outstanding contrast with all-digital fiber optic control that allows you to project crystal clear, sharp images.