New published research from Dennis's Cognitive Aging and Neuroimaging Lab

SLEIC researchers Dr. Nancy Dennis, graduate students Indira Turney and Christina Webb, and colleagues have recently published several papers on the neurocognitive correlates of memory encoding, retrieval, and false memory. Specifically, they investigated how perceptual similarity between targets and lures affects false memory, how presentation format (inter-mixed or blocked) affects gist-based encoding processing, and the role of encoding schemas on the retreival of schematic and non-schematic information. Great work on so many interesting papers!

See citations and links below to read further.

Turney, I.C. & Dennis, N.A. (in press). Elucidating the neural correlates of related false memories using a systematic measure of perceptual relatedness. NeuroImage.

Turney, I.C., Dennis, N.A, Maillet, D., & Rajah, M.N. (in press). Exploring the influence of encoding format on subsequent memory. Memory.

Webb, C.E., Turney, I.C., & Dennis, N.A. (2016). What's the Gist? The influence of schemas on the neural correlates underlying true and false memories. Neuropsychologia, 93: 61-75.