What to do for an EEG/ERP experiment


Please come to room 120 Chandlee.  An Investigator will meet you there and will explain the details of the experiment.

If your experiment is after 5:00 pm, Chandlee Laboratory will be locked.  Please arrive at the back door to Chandlee Laboratory. Your experimenter will instruct you to call the HEF, 814-867-2968, when you arrive so that they may let you in.

Participant Clothing & Belongings

Please arrive with: 

  • freshly washed but not wet hair
  • NO hair products (i.e. conditioner, gel, hairspray) in their hair
  • No facial foundation or makeup
  • glasses instead of contacts

An EEG study can NOT take place if a participant:

  • uses nonpermanent hair dye
  • has lice, cornrows or dreadlocks 
  • has a facial/ear piercing that cannot be removed
  • has gel, hairspray or other hair products in their hair


All participants will be asked to wash their face when they arrive at the HEF for an EEG study.


If you are lost or running late, you can call the HEF at 814-867-2968.  If you need to reschedule, contact the primary investigator rather than the HEF.