What to do for an MRI experiment

If you are participating in an MRI experiment, come to room 6 Chandlee.  Once you arrive, please call 867-2996 (the control room phone number) to let the scanner operator and the investigator know that you have arrived.  There is a phone in room 6 for this purpose.

Then the investigator will meet you there and will explain the details of the experiment. 

  • Come dressed in loose, comfortable clothing without metal fasteners (e.g., t-shirt and sweatpants).  Clothing should be 100% cotton (no metallic threads).
  • Please do not wear bras with metal fasteners or underwires (sports bras are recommended).
  • All metal, magnetic and electronic articles, including jewelry, must removed before you enter the scanner room (lockers are available to store your belongings)

If your experiment is after 5:00 pm, Chandlee Laboratory will be locked.  Come to the back entrance of Chandlee and push the intercom button to let the investigator know you have arrived.  The investigator will talk to you on the intercom and then will come to the door to let you in. 

If you are lost or running late, you can call the imaging center at 814-867-2996.  If you need to reschedule, contact the primary investigator rather than the imaging center.